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«Comfort and flexibility are my priorities»

All our models can satisfy you: all our temples benefit from the same technology regarding their shape, whether it's our entry-level Sx50 or our top-of-the-range Sx+.
We're the only ones to offer such a level of flexibility at this price without skimping on the quality of the materials used.

«What I want are very fast limbs»

All our limbs will satisfy you, our entry-level, the Sx50 is already faster than most of the high-end limbs of our competitors. You will not find better on the market!
The percentage of carbon will improve the performance of your limbs. The ultimate speed?
Our Sx+, 100% carbon, but with an even more advanced manufacturing process will allow you to restore the maximum energy and obtain the best performance.

«For me, the most important thing is stability»

All our limbs are designed with Monolith Carbon, even our entry-level Sx50.
The torsional rigidity of the limbs contributes to stability.
The more important it will be, the more stable your limbs will be and allow a better grouping. For maximum stability, increase the carbon percentage of your limbs: the Sx100 and Sx+ will exceed all your expectations in terms of stability!

72": draw length of 31" AMO (American Manufacturer Organisation) and more
70": draw length of 29" and 30" AMO
68": draw length of 28" AMO
66": draw length of 27" AMO and less
(the draw length AMO is the distance in inches between the nock and the Pressure button + 1,75")
Each pair of limbs has its pull weight measured at the median adjustment of the tiller screws. The corresponding poundage is marked on the limbs.
Use our calculator to evaluate the poundage at your draw length.
Allonge AMO* 27" 28" 29" 30" 31"
Arc 66" 68" 70" 72" 74"
Poignée 25" 25" 25" 27" 27"
Branches 66" 68" 70" 70" 72"
* AMO draw length = distance nock to plunger +1.75".


1 - Your practice

2 - Riser

3 - Your draw length

Measure :
Your draw length in

4 - Desired poundage at your draw length

Poundage at your draw length in


Calculate poundage at your draw length by changing draw length and poundage and validate with Enter:

Riser size:
Limbs size:
Bow length:
Your AMO draw length:
Marked poundage:
Limbs S-Curve Target Tolerance S-Curve Nature* Tolerance
Poundage at your draw length (tiller bolts at medium settings) +- 1# +- 2.5#
Poundage at your draw length (tiller bolts at -5% settings) +- 1# +- 2.5#
Poundage at your draw length (tiller bolts at +5% settings) +- 1# +- 2.5#

* Note: Nature are weighed with a 19" riser.

To measure your AMO draw length, do a mark on your arrow in the middle of the berger button when the arrow just leaves the clicker. Measure the distance between the mark and the nock in inches and add 1.75.

Note: Results are valid only for Uukha risers (25" or 27"). Results for other sizes are based on extrapolations. If you use a riser from another brand, consider these results as a simple estimation.