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In an intense world of constant bustle, noise and movement, uukha stands as the symbol of a relentless quest for sensorial perfection, a fusion of shooting pleasure and performance.

We are the defenders of a passion, the guardians of a reinvented tradition. We believe in the harmony of advanced technology and craftsmanship.

At uukha, every shot is a celebration of excellence, a moment out of time. We believe in the power of a perfectly shot arrow, in the beauty of a mastered gesture, where every fiber of the limbs vibrates to the archer's rhythm.

We create experiences, moments when the heart beats faster, when we hold our breath to let the spirit soar, before freeing ourselves. Each bow is an invitation to feel the flow of energy, to merge with the very essence of archery.


From 2009 to today

Uukha sold its first limbs made of monolith carbon, a unique and innovative technology, at the end of 2009.

Since that time, we have grown steadily and brought numerous innovations in carbon technology and bow design, such as monolith carbon HM, the extra smooth Xcurve profile, and large draw bows. We now have sold more than 25,000 pairs of limbs.

In 2021, we have introduced our 4th generation of limbs.

Every new limb in our range benefits from our new unique S-Curve profile and re-designed bottom limb foot.

As with each new generation of limbs, we have increased performance, and this 4th generation is no exception.

The draw feels effortless, and we have increased speed and stability across the range.

The Uukha flying squirrel has never been so fast and accurate.

Enjoy shooting Uukha bows!

The Uukha team


Our purpose

Uukha was founded to offer archers, competitors and enthusiasts the very best recurve bows. This high quality material enables a high level of performance without sacrificing shooting pleasure. For that purpose we use innovative technologies that break with traditional laminate construction techniques.

Our team combines experts in composite material engineering and development together with top archers.

Our bows are entirely developed and manufactured in France.

The Uukha name is a direct reference to the Uukhaï song, a song giving strength and courage to Mongolian archers during Mongolia national day of Naadam. Our bows are also a tribute to Mongolian bows, inspired both in materials and designs.

Uukha is a registred trademark.

Uukha bows are patent protected.

Our commitments

World Archery

World Archery

Uukha is a proud to support the World Archery, which makes a huge job to promote archery worldwide.

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a worldwide nonprofit organization with more than 6000 member companies that have chosen to give at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofits.


By joining 1% for the Planet, Uukha commits itself to donate 1% of its sales to support environmental projects

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd is an international, nonprofit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.



BLOOM is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 that works to preserve the marine environment and species from unnecessary destruction and to increase social benefits in the fishing sector.

Ocean Peak

Ocean Peak

Our aim is to use the sea and mountains as vectors of integration for young people with social, educational or family difficulties and to raise awareness about protecting the natural environment through immersion. In a number of ways, we offer them the chance to experience the realities of the elements, and the rigor and mutual support they require. Our purpose is to provide them with an adventure and life experience that will enable them to develop their self-esteem and regain confidence in themselves and their future.


A short-circuit organization

Integrated Research and Development department

We possess the most recent CAO (Computer-aided design) software and powerful simulation tools in order to design our bows.


Our laboratory is equipped with modern instruments to evaluate new fibers or resins.

Our fatigue rig allows us to load bows at 35" draw length 30 000 times in a single night. We are also equipped with a high-speed camera, and tools to measure limbs torque. To evaluate our bows, a shooting area is permanently at our disposal.


We cut pre-impregnated carbon plies with a digital cutter. This guarantees both precision and repetability in the cutting process of our reinforcements before they are moulded.

A 50-ton power press ensures a perfect material cohesion. All our moulds are CNC machined so as to guarantee the integrity of all shapes and the quality of the finished product.

Quality control

Prior to leaving our manufacturing facility, every limb is individually inspected.

Contact us

Contact us by email to: contact@uukha.com

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