Target limbs

Incomparable sensations & performances

Our unique S-curve profile

The S-Curve profile (S for Smoothness, Speed and Stability) combines the best attributes of our previous Curve and Xcurve limbs.

Natural draw-force curve

The profile of the S-curve branch gives this smooth, natural, continuous traction. A shallower slope translates into greater flexibility.

Streamlined limb bottom

A screwless design has enabled us to reduce the maximum thickness and mass weight.
NOTE: Uukha Formula adapters cannot be used with S-Curve limbs.

Monolith Carbon: a unique technology

Our limbs are made from many unidirectional tapes of prepreg carbon, moulded and fused together in CNC moulds. This makes our limbs light, strong and resistent to delamination.

The benefits of our technology

Reduced vibration

We have upgraded our Monolith Carbon with new lay-ups, to reduce mass and stresses. Monolith Carbon is a unique technology offering consistent performance, day after day, in all types of weather. It has proven to be more reliable and longer lasting than laminated construction.

How to choose your equipment ?

Choosing the model that suits you according to your needs is essential, as is the size of limbs according to your draw length and the power of your limbs. Use our configurator and calculator to help you choose the material that will give you the best performance & sensations!

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