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Why a longer bow ?


A longer bow improves lateral stability and grouping.


A wider string angle gives better hook consistency.


Longer bows are smoother for a longer draw length.

If your draw length is 30’’ or more

Adapting bow size to your drawlength

Important: bow size is linked to your AMO draw length*. 66’’ to 70’’ bows for archers having a draw length in the range 27’’ to 29’’.

If your draw length is 30’’, 31’’ or more, a 72’’ or a 74’’ bow will give you better results.

The secret of our XL limbs

Carbon Monolith HM

Thanks to our unique Carbon Monolith HM technology, providing unmatched torsion stiffness and lateral stability, it has made it possible to design XL limbs without sacrifying lateral stability or speed.

Recommended combination setup
AMO drawlength*bowriserlimbs

*AMO draw length = distance nock to plunger +1.75’’

**72’’ limbs are only available for Vx+ model

More about Xpro2 27"

More about Vx+ 72"

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