Our observations suggest that the majority of 27” risers available today are simply longer versions of 25” risers. The result is a riser that has more flex, with the same deflex, leading to proportionally less stability during the shot.

We performed a detailed analysis of a 27” riser’s metrics to define its new parameters in three dimensions:

  • We increased the deflex by 3mm to guarantee the same stability during the shot.
  • Riser thickness and width have been increased to keep an equivalent stiffness.

Our 27" riser weighs only 1225g, making it the lightest 27” riser currently available. This has been achieved through the use of Monolith C and HM technology for the riser and high-strength 7075 aluminium for all the metal parts:

  • Archers who prefer a lighter riser will appreciate the lower mass weight, which will lead to more control and comfort, shot after shot, without fatigue.
  • Those looking for weight-induced stability may tune the riser via its 5/16” bushings by attaching either weights or a stabilizer, as desired. The riser is stiff enough to carry a substantial addition of weight without deforming during arrow release.
  • The lightweight Xpro2 27” with added weights is a better alternative than heavy risers, as it maximizes the moment of inertia for increased stability.

The use of Monolith C and HM Technology is expertly applied to provide archers with the best materials ever used to make a riser. Carbon is light and, unlike with aluminium risers, the flex can be controlled for better performance, vibration damping and a great feel throughout the shot.

Also available in 25".

Download Xpro2 product guide.


Easy limb pocket adjustment: just one bolt for reliable and accurate alignments.

Magnetic clicker extension: strong and simple.

Tiller bolts with cylindrical guides for accuracy, along with a spherical head and washer pocket to follow the limb for repeatable orientation.

The clicker is recessed flush with the riser for greater arrow clearance.


We work at the cutting edge of carbon technology, exclusively with prepeg carbon fibers, CNC cut, and expertly laid into an aluminum CNC mould.

Heat and pressure is then applied to fuse all the fibers together, making a very strong, straight and accurate riser.

All the inserts are CNC machined and fitted using an accurate jig for perfect alignment.


(carbon finish, mat varnish)

(carbon finish, glossy varnish)

(red finish, glossy varnish)

(white finish, glossy varnish)

(yellow finish, glossy varnish)


Sizes Mass Carbon rate Fittings
27" 1225g 100% Standard ILF

Available in Right and Left-handed.

Public price VAT incl.
Standard carbon matt

Public price VAT incl.
Other finishing