Xpro2 25" : an even lighter Xpro

Thanks to the new set of bolts and bushings made of 7075 aluminium alloy, we could reduce the mass weight of the riser, at 1125 g it is one of the strongest, stiffest and lightest risers available today.

  • Archers preferring a lighter riser will appreciate the lower mass weight and enjoy more control and comfort shot after shot without fatigue.

  • Archers looking for weight induced stability will be able to add weights at the ends, on dedicated 5/16" bushings (or on the stabilizer). The riser is stiff enough to carry a substantial add of weight without any deformation during arrow release. Definitely a better alternative to heavy risers (evenly distributed weight) to maximize inertias.
  • The use of Monolith C and HM Technology expertly applied in our riser, gives archers the best materials ever used to make a riser. Carbon is light and unlike aluminium risers, the flex can be controlled for better performance, vibration dampening and giving a great feeling to the shot.

    Sizes 25"
    Mass 1125g
    Carbon rate 100%
    Fittings Standard ILF

    Public price VAT incl.
    Standard carbon matt

    Public price VAT incl.
    Other finish, on order

    Available in Right and Left-handed.

    Also available in 27".
    Download Xpro2 product guide.


    Easy limb pocket alignment adjustment: Just one single bolt for a reliable and accurate movements.

    Magnetic clicker extension: strong and simple.

    Tiller bolts with cylindrical guide for accuracy, equiped with spherical dovel to follow limb orientation.

    Recess so the clicker is flush with the riser for greater arrow clearance.


    We work at the cutting edge of carbon technology, exclusively with prepeg unidirectional carbon fibres, CNC cut and expertly laid into an aluminium CNC mold.

    Heat and pressure is then applied to fuse all the fibres together, making a very strong, straight and accurate riser.

    All the inserts are CNC machined and fitted using an accurate jig for perfect alignment.


    The Xpro2 25" riser is available in: Matt Carbon.
    On order: Glossy Carbon, Glossy Red, Glossy White and Glossy Yellow.

    (carbon finish, mat varnish)

    (carbon finish, glossy varnish)

    (red finish, glossy varnish)

    (white finish, glossy varnish)

    (yellow finish, glossy varnish)