Technology used in our Uukha products

Speed, torsional stiffness and smoothness

High Modulus Monolith Carbon is even stiffer and stronger than Monolith Carbon, this means we have been able to design stronger, lighter and faster limbs with unparalleled torsional stability for straighter string travel, making arrow groups more consistent and accurate.

To benefit from all the excellent properties of the High Modulus Monolith carbon required a rethink of our limb and riser design, resulting in a unique patented manufacturing process.

Our limbs and riser are made from many unidirectional tapes of prepreg carbon, moulded and fused together in CNC moulds. It makes our limbs light, strong and insensible to delamination. Our riser is also strong and the manufacturing process gives us total control over its shooting properties.

The properties of High Modulus Monolith Carbon in conjunction with Monolith Carbon are perfect for making risers. Our risers are straight, giving us total control over the directional flexing of the riser to provide a stable platform to transfer more of the limbs energy into the arrow for greater speed and accuracy.

Long lasting and steady characteristics

Since 2009 we have been using Monolith Carbon, we are still the only limb manufacturer that does not make laminated limbs or use wood or foam as a core filler. The unique manufacturing process and the high carbon content means that our limbs performance remains constant day after day, in all weathers and are fully waterproof.

Monolith Carbon can be found in all our Evo² limbs, providing archers with a unique limb that is straight, fast and accurate.