Change to Formula fittings !

This adapter is used to fit Uukha limbs on risers such as Formula.

They are made of Monolith C with 100% carbon.

They do not affect limbs poundage. One size fits all Uukha limbs.

Public price VAT incl. 59€


Find the best fit

In addition to specific Uukha grips developed with our Pro Staff shooters (U1 and U2), we offer a range of grips that allow you to find the positions that you were used to on other risers.

They are available when purchasing your Uukha riser or as spare parts.

They are made of resin, covered with a slightly textured coating for a comfort fit without slipping, even with wet hands.

NB: only mount on Xpro risers.

Public price VAT incl. 49€

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