Even more torsional stiffness and speed

Our Monolith Carbon HM limbs (including limbs sides) are made exclusively from unidirectional carbon plies.

Mixing high strength carbon with high modulus unidirectional carbon fibre has allowed us to save weight increasing speed and torsional stiffness and leading to improved arrow grouping.

According to our speed measurements, the new XX and Vx+ are far faster than any limbs currently available.

XX and Vx+ also outperform all other limbs with regard to torsional stability.

Even more precision

When applied to risers, Monolith C HM technology reveals its full potential.

We have found this to be the best configuration to achieve perfect alignment during the draw cycle without any twist .

As a result the shot is more consistent and arrow grouping is improved.

Uniformity and Dependability

We are the only manufacturer to use neither wood nor foam in our products. As a result the characteristics of Uukha limbs and risers remain constant day after day in spite of variances in temperature or humidity.

We work exclusively with prepreg unidirectional fibre as used in many other high tech industries such as Formula 1.

We cut the prepreg with a CNC cutter, stack the shapes in a high precision mold, and then apply heat and pressure to reach high compression in the material.

Thanks to this patented process you can be assured that your limbs and riser are the best and most technologically advanced available.


Uukha was founded to offer archers, competitors and enthusiasts the very best recurve bows. This high quality material enables a high level of performance without sacrificing shooting pleasure. For that purpose we use innovative technologies that break with traditional laminate construction techniques.

Our team combines experts in composite material engineering and development together with top archers.

Our bows are entirely developed and manufactured in France.

The Uukha name is a direct reference to the Uukhaï song, a song giving strength and courage to Mongolian archers during Mongolia national day of Naadam. Our bows are also a tribute to Mongolian bows, inspired both in materials and designs.

Uukha is a registred trademark.

Uukha bows are pantent protected .

Continual innovation in materials and process

Uukha was created to develop an innovativ idea, based on a patented process first used in aerospace technologies.

Our company has been awarded a national prize at a competition organized by the French ministry for research in innovating technologies.

Performance and shooting pleasure

We are convinced that performance and shooting pleasure are inextricably linked. Comfort and pleasure enable archers to shoot at their best for longer in competition or intensive training sessions without the risk of injury.

Respecting our environment

We have chosen to develop our bows in France, and to produce it in our own workshop. We do not have any subcontracts in Asia or Eastern Europe.

Our bows components are produced wi th selected reinforcements, previously impregnated in a safe factory environment by aeronautic component suppliers. This procedure avoids toxic resin handling. In addition, using closed moulds during the manufacturing process eliminates the emanations that occur during the polymerization phase.

Integrated Research and Development department

We possess the most recent CAO (Computer-aided design) software and powerful simulation tools in order to design our bows.


Our laboratory is equipped with modern instruments to evaluate new fibers or resins. Our fatigue rig allows us to load bows at 35'' draw length 30 000 times in a single night. We are also equipped with a high-speed camera, and tools to measure limbs torque. To evaluate our bows, a shooting area is permanently at our disposal.


We cut pre-impregnated carbon plies with a digital cutter. This guarantees both precision and repetability in the cutting process of our reinforcements before they are moulded.

A 50-ton power press ensures a perfect material cohesion. All our moulds are CNC machined so as to guarantee the integrity of all shapes and the quality of the finished product.

Quality control

Prior to leaving our manufacturing facility, every limb is individually inspected.

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