Uukha fabricant d'arcs recurve olympique en carbone

Advices for Uukha products choice and use

  1. Brace height:
  2. Tiller:
  3. String:
  4. Arrows:
  5. Noise,vibrations:
  6. Other adjustments:
  1. Brace height:

    We recommand to respect the value in a +-10mm range.

    Lower the brace height if you focus on speed, increase it for stability and comfort.

    Curve and Xcurve models are already very fast, moreover you will be able to use brace height in the bottom of the range to get even more speed.

    Brace height2015 range (and Vx1000 2014)previous generation
    70"225 mm232 mm
    68"218 mm225 mm
    66"211 mm218 mm
    60"192 mm199 mm
  2. Tiller:
    Tiller is the difference between the distance top limbs / string and the distance bottom limb string.
    For Uukha limbs common settings between 0 and 6 mm are correct too.
  3. String:

    The chart indicates the number of strands we advice depending on the weight measured at your draw length and the string material.

    Length to obtain adviced brace height*:

    limbs2015 range (and Vx1000 2014)previous generation
    measureaccording to AMO**direct***according to AMO**direct***
    70"1709 mm1700 mm1682 mm1673 mm
    68"1654 mm1647 mm1626 mm1619 mm
    66"1606 mm1601 mm1577 mm1572 mm

    * on 25" Upro or UproLite riser (and most of 25" risers)
    ** according to AMO: without twist, under 100# load, outside two 1/4" diameter axes inserted in loops
    *** direct measurement: string twisted with 20 turns, with moderate tension by hand on a table (this method is easy but less precise)

  4. Arrows:
    The Uukha limbs push arrows a steadier way. Therefore, you can choose - with equal power and draw length - more flexible tubes than for laminated limbs. We advice to respect the tables’ indications of the tubes manufacturers, without shifting towards one or two lower spine cell in the table .
  5. Noise, vibrations:
    When the bow is correctly set up, the noise is very short and dampened (a bit like a silent gun) . Limbs stop at once with very few oscillations.
    If it's not the case:
    1. Check tiller screws are between medium and max setting (the more the better)
    2. Check brace height is what we advice : see here
    3. use a string made of BCY 8125 or better astroflight (I don't mean other brands don't work but those 2 ones work well)
    4. last and very important, use a good stab with a good damper and a mass at the end.
    5. limb saver has never been for us a solution, we have always been able to find a solution with points 1 to 4.
  6. Other adjustments:
    Consult your retailer or contact us by e-mail: info@uukha.com
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