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2014 World field championship in Zagreb: 3 medals!

Bravo to Sophie Benton (Ux100) silver medal in women's junior barebow category (for her first international competition), to Jérome Bidault (Vx1000 et Upro), men senior bronze medal, and Olivier Roy (Ux100 et Upro), men's team silver medal.

Indoor Archery World Cup third stage in Telford: Thomas Faucheron (Ux100) 2nd!

After having defeated Brady Ellison in 1/4 and Sebastian Rohrberg in 1/2, Thomas Faucheron met Jean Charles Valladon in finals.

Congratulations !

New indoor junior world record

Audrey Adiceom has done last december an outstanding performance: with 591 points, she increased the indoor junior world record by 3 points ! She is coached by Henry Baudry at the "Club des Archers Riomois".

A big bravo !

photo Jean-Denis Gitton

2013 Para World Championships in Bangkok

Brigitte DUBOC wins Gold!


2013 Europe Field championship in Terni

A nice harvest: 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals!

Bravo to all of them!

From left to right :
Marion Vives 1rst Junior, Jérôme Bidault 1rst senior, Quenti Baraer 2nd junior, Olivier Roy 2nd Bare bow, Raphël Petit Minuesa 1rst Bare bow junior.
2nd for men team and 1rst for junior team.

2013 European Indoor Championships in Rzeszow

Silver medal in junior category for Luca Maran (Ux100)!

congratulations !

Nîmes 2013

Luca Maran (Ux100) wins the gold medal in junior!

Bravo !

Team Field French Championship - oct 2012

Issy les Moulineaux team finished first with Raphaël Petit-Minuesa (Ux100), Jérôme Bidault (Ux100) and Wolfgang Viel.

Congratulations !

photo Anthony Oblin

photo Anthony Oblin

7 oct 2012- Italy 3D championship: Gold medal for Alessandro Avoni (Ux100) in bare bow category

Desidero ringraziare tanto UUKHA perché grazie ai vostri eccellenti flettenti UX 100 ho potuto vincere la medaglia d'oro!! Sono molto contento del mio arco: riser Nilo by Bernardini e flettenti UUKHA UX100.
Alessandro Avoni.

Thank you Alessandro and bravo!

Alessandro (on the left) with Giuseppe Semandi who finished 3rd.

Team bronze medal at 2012 World Field Championship

photo FFTA

A bronze medal obtained thanks to a superb 6 by Olivier Roy in bare bow (Ux100) at the last arrow!

Congratulations to Jean Charles Valladont, Christophe Doussot and Olivier Roy!

2012 Olympic games

photo Dean Alberga

photo Dean Alberga

Two archers had chosen Ux100 limbs

René-Philippe Kouassi, Franco Ivoirian, has been shooting for 3 years only. He qualified for olympics when he won African championship in march. He met Gaël Prévost in 1/32. Close game where René was defeated 4-6.

Thomas Faucheron, selected in the French team in spring beat THAMWONG Witthaya (THA) 6-0 in 1/32 and was defeated 3-7 by Gaël Prévost in 1/16

Congralulations to both of them!

August 2012 Field French Championship in Clisson: a 100% Uukha podium

Men scratch ranking:

  1. Damien Pigeaud (Ux100 - UproLite)
  2. Yohan Genty (Ux100 - UproLite)
  3. Aurélien Rabanet (Ux100 - UproLite)

in junior category:

  1. Quentin Baraer (Ux100)
  1. Raphaël Petit Minuesa (Ux100) barebow

Thomas Faucheron is selected in the French team for the Olympic Games in London

The team selected by the FFTA (French Archery Federation) consists of

  • Thomas Faucheron (Rennes)
  • Romain Girouille (Rennes)
  • Gaël Prévost (Riom)
  • Substitute: Thomas Aubert (Nîmes)

. more

Bronze medal for Thomas Faucheron at FITA European Championship!

photo Jean-Denis Gitton
Bravo !

World Cup Stage 1 : silver medal for the french team (Girouille, Faucheron, Prevost)

photo Dean Alberga

photo Dean Alberga

For his first participation in World Cup, Thomas Faucheron (Ux100) did the job: In individual matches, he was beaten in 1/8 by Brady Ellison after having defeated Oh Jin Hyek 6-0 in 1/16. The french team improved the french record on 2x70m by 7 points with 2012 points during qualification. They were beaten in finals by the US team.

Las Vegas Indoor Championships : Luca Maran (Ux100) becomes world champion .

Congratulations !

photo Jean-Denis Gitton photo Jean-Denis Gitton

4Th European Club Teams Cup: a gold medal for the men Rennes (France) team .

congratulations to Thomas Faucheron (Ux100), Alexis Frin (Ux100) et Damien Pigeaud (Ux100)!

World 3D Championships - a gold medal for the men french team.

congratulations to Serge Corvino, Christel Puig et Corentin Doat (Ux100)

Photo FFTA

World Archery Field Championships - Visegrad (HUN): Raphaël Petit-Minuesua (Ux100) becomes world champion in bare bow category!

He takes a bronze medal too, in junior mens' team: well done !

Video FFTA

Photo Jean-Denis Gitton

Fita: Julien Plantard (Ux100) is #1 at 2010 Win&Win cup

We congratulate him for this result.

Fita: Damien Pigeaud (Ux100) domination at Briénon

Just after he qualified last week for field world championship, he was #1 this weekend at Briénon (Fita national championship)


Photo Jean-Denis Gitton

First D1 round to Moliets

Once again good results with the Uukha Ux100 limbs :

    Thomas Faucheron, from the RENNES club , took the 2nd rank after an exceptional qualification shooting at 670pts

Rémy Barbellion, ended 3rd of this D1 round.

Photos Victor Bresson

French indoor championship in Marseille

Congratulations to Cédric Byrotheau, number two French champion 2010!

Nîmes 2010

Congratulations for all archers who use our UX100 limbs.
3 of them finished in the Top 16 senior men of the 13th Nimes tournament, with a level still very high this year:

  • Damien won a wonderful bronze medal with 119-118 against American Brady Ellison (592), 1st of qualifications.
  • Thomas won a beautiful and an encouraging bronze medal for the Europe Championships behind a Slovenien and a Spanish.
  • Cédric after a good qualification shooting and a first match against Morillo 118-117 (the revenge of the Fontainebleau competition) was defeated by Michele Frangili who was on top form in this tournament 2010.
  • Vincent Belay also done a beautiful competition on the same tournament of international level and finished in the 16th rank.

Thank you for them for having chosen UUKHA UX100 limbs and trusted us.

Summer 2009/ World championship of Kaoshiung

Cédric Byrotheau (Uukha Upro/Ux100) finished at the 7th rank.
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