Uukha fabricant d'arcs recurve olympique en carbone



After 5 years of success at every levels for Ux100, we are excited to introduce the second generation of Ux100 limbs: Ux100 Curve.

Ux100 limbs are intended for the high technology fanatic persons, for all disciplines.

Ux100 Curve are designed with the new Curve profile.

Ux100 Curve limbs are faster (about 6 fps, equivalent to a gain of 2.5# at 40 #) and lighter than previous Ux100.

They keep the same levels of lateral stability and smoothness.

The result is: efficiency and comfort with no equivalence on the market.

Weight24# to 50# in 2# increments
Public price599 €
FittingsILF Standard



Curve profile stores more energy, with the same smoothness at the end of draw, speed gain is about 4%.

Limbs ends are narrower, and the tips, still made of solid carbon, have been reduced too increase speed.


Monolith C85, with 85% carbon fiber content and 15% unidirectional glass fiber is compressed in metalic molds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature.

Thanks to the visible weaved carbon and the monolithic structure, limbs offer a torsion stability superior to laminated limbs.

Core structure made of unidirectional carbon and glass is responsible for flexural resistance, high durability and good vibrations dampening.

This technology from aeronautics is the key for flexural strength, durability and fatigue resistance far superior to laminated techniques.

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