Uukha fabricant d'arcs recurve olympique en carbone



Ux100 limbs are intended for the high technology fanatic persons, for all disciplines.

Top archers at national and international level have chosen them for their outstandings qualities.

Ux100 limbs are characterized by unequalled smoothness levels, capacity to store energy, rigidity in torque and vibrations control.

You will be surprised by the clearness, the fluidity and the speed of the arrow exit.

Ux100 limbs are manufactured with a carbon rate exceeding 90%.

Weight24# to 50# in 2# increments
Public price569 €
FittingsILF Standart



Thanks to their curved profile, limbs are 20% smoother at full draw length than laminated limbs.

Thanks to the visible weaved carbon and the monolithic structure, limbs offer a torsion stability highly far superior to laminated limbs (+80%).

Core structure made of unidirectional carbon is responsible for flexural resistance, high durability and good vibrations dampening.


Monolith C90, with 90% carbon fiber content (remaining 10% is glass fiber) is compressed in metalic molds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature.

This technology from aeronautics is the key for flexural strength, durability and fatigue resistance far superoir to laminated techniques.

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