Uukha 100% carbon olympic high accuracy riser



Made of 100% carbon, according to the monolith technology applied for Ux100 limbs.

UproLite makes it possible to exploit 100% of Ux100 limbs potential.

Tested over 100#, it's a master piece of accuracy, straightness and alignment.

Design and structure garanty that straightness and alignment will remain perfect at full draw.

Arrow leaving is a delight, the bow perfctly rocks in its plane without any lateral parasitic move.

The shock transmitted to the arm is very weak, with very low vibrations, energy seems fully transmitted to the arrow.

Grouping is improved.

Public price699 €



Mass 1025g, it's possible to add weight with or without AIM on the tiller screws (5/16"-24) or classicaly on the stabilisation.

Tiller screws allow weight adjustment in a -5% à +9% range.

Tiller screws original centering design guarantees a lateral accuracy higher than classical design.

Lateral adjustment to obtain a perfect alignment.

ABS grip with matte coating.

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Removable clicker extension (2x12mm).


Monolith C100, with 100 carbon fiber content is compressed in metal molds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature.

This technology from aeronautics is the key for flexural strength, durability and fatigue resistance far superior to laminated techniques.

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