Uukha Upro riser



Upro riser is designed for archers looking for the stability of a heavy riser.

Thanks to masses integrated at the ends, the weight rises to 1300 g.

These eccentric masses provide a moment of inertia far higher than what can be found on an aluminium riser of the same mass, resulting in a high stability in the vertical plane.

We used high modulus carbon to increase riser stiffness (+80%).

Design and structure garanty that straightness and alignment will remain perfect at full draw.

With such a stability, it's also the best choice for barebow.

Public price759 €



It is possible to add weight with or without AIM on the tiller screws (5/16"-24) or classicaly on the stabilisation.

Tiller screws allow weight adjustment in a -5% à +9% range.

Tiller screws original centering design garanties a lateral accuracy higher than classical design.

Lateral adjustment to obtain a perfect alignment.

Resin grip with matte coating.

Removable clicker extension (2x12mm).


Monolith C100HM70, with 100 % carbon fiber content, among which 70% is high modulus carbon, is compressed in metalic molds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature.

Thanks to such a rate high modulus carbon, Upro is 80 % stiffer than UproLite

This technology from aeronautics is the key for flexural strength, durability and vibrations dampening far superior to metalic alloys.

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