Formula risers adapter

Formula adapter

Change to paralever fittings!

This adapter is used to mount Uukha limbs on risers such as Formula.

Compatible with Vx1000,Ux100,Hx10,Ex1 et X0 in every sizes.

The adapter is maintained with 2 screws on the limb.

There is not change in size or poundage to consider.

TaillesOne single size for Ex1,Hx10,Ux100,66'',68'',70''
Public price59 € (per pair)

Note: only fits on Uukha limbs



100% carbon Monolith

Screws included.

Added mass: 45g per adapter

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Monolith C100, with 100% carbon fiber content is compressed in metalic molds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature.

This technology from aeronautics is the key for flexural strength and fatigue resistance far superior to laminated techniques.

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