Uukha : Hersteller von olympischen Recurvebögen aus Karbonfasern.



Vx1000 limbs are intented for archers looking for the best performance with no concession to comfort, ease and control.

Vx1000 limbs are smoother (about 40%), faster (about 8 fps, wich is equivalent to a 3# gain at 40#) and lighter than Ux100. They keep the unmatched Ux100 lateral stability.

The result is: efficiency and comfort with no equivalence on the market.

WARNING: if your drawlength differs from 28", use our calculator to choose correctly your poundage . You could be surprised by the effect of smoothness.

Vx1000 limbs are manufactured in a new optimized 100% carbon version of the Monolith C Uukha exclusive technology: the Monolith C evo 2.

Weight24# to 52# in 2# increments
Public price679 €
FittingsILF Standart



We increased limbs curvature to store more energy and obtain an even smoother behavior at full draw length.

We narrowed limbs ends and re design a compact tip to increase speed.

Thanks to the visible weaved carbon and the monolithic structure, limbs offer a very high torsion stability .

We released a new, lighter version of our Monolith C structure, the Monolith C evo 2, resulting in an increased speed and vibrations damping .


Monolith C evo2, with 100% carbon fiber content is compressed in metalic molds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature.

This technology from aeronautics is the key for flexural strength, durability and fatigue resistance far superior to laminated techniques.

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